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Bethany Reid


I’m Bethany - a traveling wedding, portrait, lifestyle, and branding photographer based in the soulful city of Memphis, Tennessee. If I was going to tell you one thing to best describe myself, it would be that I’m an INFP, or an empath. I’ve got giant dreams, a big heart, and feel emotions deeply - especially those belonging to the people around me.

Finding photography was like finding this missing piece of myself that I had been searching for the first 13 years of my life. It finally allowed me to simultaneously express my feelings and process the world around me - frame by frame.

My goal is to create art that you can physically feel, that the moments in each photograph take you back to a singular moment in time and fill your chest with emotion. I hope that it shows you the beauty in love, adventure, and makes you want to step outside of your comfort zone.

To me, the most important part of a photograph is the connection - whether it’s with a loved one, with your surroundings, with yourself, or with something you’re passionate about. It’s also important that you feel a connection with me and my work as well. I don’t want to just show up and take your photos. I want to get to know you and be friends! Check out more about me below, and when you’re ready to create some dreamy art, click the button to tell me more about you and your dream session!


One of the most important things that people tend to overlook when hiring a photographer is making sure that you vibe together and are on the same page.

I'll start off by saying that Bethany Reid Visuals is 100% all inclusive - no matter your race, religion, gender, or sexuality. All are welcome here and will be treated with the utmost respect (and a whole lot of hype!!)

Other values that are really important to me are taking care of this beautiful planet that we call home, treating others with kindness, honesty, and maintaining a positive mindset.

If you're cool with this, let's chat!

I absolutely can't wait to meet you!

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